Customer Support

Case and Claims Management
PG Genatt insureds receive aggressive claims management to help limit exposures, control losses and reduce insurance costs. Our claims department manages every aspect of the claims process - initial reporting, document review, medical review, interface with insurance carriers, claims review, and follow up until all claims are closed.

Contract review
A complete review of contacts to assist in limiting liability and properly allocating risk.

Bill Review
In the context of defense costs, our claims department reviews and evaluates defense counsel’s compliance with the insurance carrier’s litigation management guidelines to control legal costs.

Pre-Claim Assistance
With veteran attorneys on staff, PG Genatt Group has the ability to provide legal assistance to its clients to prevent disputes and disagreements from becoming claims.

Seminars and Training
PG Genatt Group has developed a series of continuing education seminars approved by the Practice Institute of Engineers to educate design professionals and assist them with meeting their continuing education requirements.

Scope of Service

Economy and Efficiency – Helping Clients Meet Their Bottom Line
In the recent turbulent economic times, PG Genatt Group, LLC has helped its clients to survive by taking a practical approach to solving problems while managing claim costs and expenses against the need for new ideas and solutions.

Total Client Satisfaction
Knowledge and experience are only a part of PG Genatt Group. The firm’s ultimate goal is to provide total client satisfaction and toward the end, dedication and affordability are equally important. We realize that our clients operate in a highly competitive market and keeping insurance costs to a minimum is important.

Expanding to Meet Clients’ Needs
As our client base grows, we increase our capabilities with the expansion of our own team to include experienced account service staff and individuals with strong legal backgrounds and claims handling capabilities. These expansions enable us to offer additional services to our existing clients, as well as extend our reach to new clientele.